BFL-3015 laser cutting machine tool

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Guide: imported The gas pressure controller: SMC (Japan)

Numerical control system: happy times system (Germany), PA8000 (Germany), FANUC FANUC (Japan) optimal control algorithm, can ensure one micron resolution down to control the speed of 1200 m/min.Handle up to 7200 per second section of the procedures section, and can support the resolution of one nanometer machining accuracy.System automatically record the stop program, the user can be arbitrary starting from the equation processing, no manual editing program, reduce the wrong operation, improve work efficiency, and can be used to power cut.

FastCAM automatic nesting software: Australia Australia FastCAM automatic programming nesting software, CAD drawing, DWG/DXF optimization, interactive nesting, automatic programming, as well as cutting simulation result and cost calculation, with automatic nesting, fill the small, the size of a nested function, directly by the DXF graphics file into NC code, cutting its common cutting links, nesting of residual steel, effectively save steel, improve the cutting efficiency.

Lathe bed casting quality in one hundred Beijing manufacturing. All non-ferrous metal plate It can cut. Cutting speed increased by 20% than the same power equipment

Optional: nLIGHT (USA), IPG (Germany), Raycus (sharp) RFL - C500 continuous fiber laser, continuous fiber laser with high power output, perfect beam quality, optical fiber transmission and high electric beam conversion rate.

Cutting head is optional: Lasermech (us), Precitec (Germany), CypLite (joint venture) integration non-contact distance control, light source near the theoretical limit of modern optical fiber laser can be within the scope of sheet cutting at high speed.In any job always maintain a constant temperature of high cutting speed, shorter time to quickly switch the focal length, and maintain the consistency of the TCP by manual focus Cutting different workpiece thickness and constant temperature sensor monitoring.

Servo: Germany imports, YASKAW (Japan) Reducer: STOBER (Germany) Rack: Germany imports