BFL-3015 laser cutting machine tool

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A6-1 (2) 
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Servo: , Germany,YASKAW (Japan) Rack: Germany imports Guide: imported Guide: imported

Numerical control system is optional: PA8000 (Germany), CypCut, FANUC FANUC (Japan)
CypCut is a good laser cutting control system, set file reading, design, output, and processing control, a set of software can complete the whole process from design to processing.Software provides a wealth of laser cutting process parameters, flexible layout and cutter path editing ability, introduce out, bridge, edge, light compensation, automatic curve smoothing, division, merger, distinguish between inside and outside the mold, and other functions.

Lathe bed casting quality in one hundred Beijing manufacturing. All non-ferrous metal plate It can cut. Cutting speed increased by 20% than the same power equipment

Optional: nLIGHT (USA), IPG (Germany), Raycus (sharp) RFL - C500 continuous fiber laser, continuous fiber laser with high power output, perfect beam quality, optical fiber transmission and high electric beam conversion rate.

Cutting head is optional: Lasermech (us), Precitec (Germany), CypLite (joint venture) integration non-contact distance control, light source near the theoretical limit of modern optical fiber laser can be within the scope of sheet cutting at high speed.In any job always maintain a constant temperature of high cutting speed, shorter time to quickly switch the focal length, and maintain the consistency of the TCP by manual focus Cutting different workpiece thickness and constant temperature sensor monitoring.

Servo: Germany imports, YASKAW (Japan) Reducer: STOBER (Germany) Rack: Germany imports